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Is Dairy Healthful or Harmful?
July 31, 2014

Is Dairy Healthful or Harmful? There has been a lot of unfounded controversy around dairy. I have heard everything from ‘we are the only mammals who eat another mammal’s milk’ to ‘dairy causes cancer.’ Before I delve into this topic, I need to say this – I feel that there are many paths to health… Read More >

When is B12 Deficiency a Symptom of a Larger Issue?
July 25, 2014

Last week I discussed the often overlooked condition of low stomach acids and its implication. Low stomach acid may be a symptom of a larger issue – this is where we really need to be a nutritional detective to try to put all the pieces together. The parietal cells in your stomach produce both gastric… Read More >

Low Stomach Acid – The Epidemic and Lifelong Implications
July 18, 2014

I see a lot of patients with digestive complaints; some with heart burn, others with bloating and indigestion and still others dealing with chronic constipation or loose stool. Insufficient stomach acid production is an often overlooked condition in many people complaining of digestive issues. Instead of finding the root cause, symptoms are addressed with band-aid… Read More >

Probiotics Don’t Establish Colonies – Why Use Them?
July 10, 2014

Here is your question today: True or False: When you take a probiotic, the goal is to literally plant new flora in your gut and help your current flora grow more. It is commonly suggested that probiotics must stick and multiply in the gut to be effective. This isn’t how our current probiotic supplements work…. Read More >

fermentation jar weights
July 9, 2014

I picked up these fermentation jar weights at the Lopez Island Farmer’s Market this past weekend. They were made by a local artist and can be reused each time I make a new batch of tasty and sweet sauerkraut.  

How Can Truvia Contain Stevia if Stevia Hasn’t Been Approved by the FDA to be Used in Food?
June 25, 2014

  Here’s your question today: Sweeteners made with stevia, like Stevia In the Raw, Pure Via, Organic Stevia and Truvia, are a healthy natural way to sweeten your foods and drinks.   Whole leaf stevia, in its natural form, is an herb that has zero calories, it is a whole food that comes directly (in-tact)… Read More >

SIBO – Why Probiotics are a Necessary Part of Treatment
June 19, 2014

SIBO, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, is a hot topic right now. It is thought that most suffering from IBS and possibly even fibromyalgia, actually have SIBO. The current treatment for SIBO is an antibiotic called Rifaximin. I have been to at least four conferences where this treatment has been presented and one thing that the… Read More >

chocolate chip banana bread muffin
June 18, 2014

There are over 730+ healthy recipes included in the Clean & Lean Revolution system, this included 39 muffin recipes. These are based on nut flours, coconut oil and dates and bananas. I thought that I would share one of the most popular muffin recipes with you! LEMON BLUEBERRY LAVENDER MUFFINS SERVES FIVE (360 calories per… Read More >

Functional Medicine Approach To Healing Hypo-Thyroid & Hashimoto’s
June 13, 2014

As a functional medicine practitioner, I help you see the whole picture. Symptoms are simply symptoms – a symptom of a larger issue. Let’s take a step back to figure out where these symptoms are coming from and to address the body as a whole. I teach each of my patients the physiology of what… Read More >

Looking to Lean Out? You Can No Longer Ingore Your Stress Load
June 13, 2014

Here is your question today: True or False If I say, You Need to Work on Your Stress Management, Your Eyes Go Cross and You Immediately Dismiss My Comment Hans Selye, the famous physiologist who coined the term “stress”, defined it this way: …the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it…. Read More >

Is Sitting the New Smoking, Even if Otherwise Active?
June 6, 2014

    Here is your question today: True or False: If you go to the gym for an hour five days a week, but otherwise sit at a desk job, the time at the gym makes up for a long day of sitting. Many people think that they lead an active lifestyle because they go… Read More >

What’s Driving Your Food Cravings?
May 30, 2014

  Hello, I am Angela Pifer the creator of the Clean and Lean Revolution System. Here is your question today: True or False: Food Cravings Are More Than Just A Simple Desire To Eat Are you frustrated that every time you try to go on a ‘diet’ to lose weight, food cravings get the best… Read More >

Unplug! Join Me For a Digital Detox Memorial Weekend!
May 20, 2014

Here’s your question today: True or False Your constant use of technology is training your brain to multitask, focusing well on many tasks at once Let me know if these question ring true for you: do you have a hard time focusing on a single task? Do you have difficulty listening when one person is… Read More >

Why Going Gluten Free is Prevention Medicine
May 13, 2014

Hello, I am Angela Pifer the creator of the Clean and Lean Revolution System. Here’s your question today: True or False: All Autoimmune Conditions Start with a Leaky Gut Gluten is a protein complex in wheat, rye and barley. I choose to promote a gluten free plan for a few reasons. The main reason is… Read More >

Oil Pulling – Does This Aryurvedic Therapy Pull toxins From the Body?
May 2, 2014

Hello, I am Angela Pifer Creator of the Clean & Lean Revolution True or False? Can Swishing Oil In Your Mouth, An Ancient Ayurveda Therapy Known As Oil Pulling, Improve Oral Hygiene Or Even Expel Toxins? It seems that Oil Pulling, an ancient Ayurveda therapy is making the rounds in some recent health publications. I… Read More >

April 30, 2014

I am excited to launch the newly redesigned Clean & Lean Revolution System! Get the body that you have always wanted with this step by step plan. Check out the over 340 FIVE STAR praises from the members.In a nutshell, you’ll set up your lifestyle to support your healthy eating habits. New Meal Plans, Shopping… Read More >

April 29, 2014

I am excited to launch the newly redesigned Clean & Lean Revolution System! Get the body that you have always wanted with this step by step plan. Check out the over 340 FIVE STAR praises from the members.In a nutshell, you’ll set up your lifestyle to support your healthy eating habits. New Meal Plans! Gluten Free, Grains… Read More >

Is Avocado Oil a Healthy Oil to Saute With?
April 28, 2014

Hello, I am Angela Pifer creator of the Clean & Lean Revolution True or False:  Avocado Oil A Healthy Oil To Sauté With If you are have participated in the Clean & Lean Revolution System then you know that I think that fats are a necessary nutrient in our day to day eating plan and that I… Read More >

Newly Redesigned Clean & Lean Revolution System Launches April 30th!
April 24, 2014

Get the Body That You’ve Always Wanted! Join the Revolution: http://www.cleanandleanrevolution.com/system/

Get Rid of Extra Belly Fat by Working Out a Lot More and Eating a Lot Less?
April 23, 2014

Hello, I am Angela Pifer creator of the Clean & Lean Revolution Here is your question today: True or False: To Get Rid Of My Extra Belly Fat, I Need To Work Out A Lot More And Eat a Lot Less Calories It doesn’t matter if you are thin or heavy; having a waist to… Read More >

peach kale cucumber avocado smoothie
March 28, 2014

Create this creamy peach smoothie by adding a 1/2 tsp chia seeds (let these soak for 5 minutes before using) and 2 tsp coconut oil. To give it a punch, add my secret ingredients….a pinch of cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lemon kicks this smoothie into detox mode (and it will clear your sinuses in the process).

March 20, 2014

I call this a green zinger! I challenge you to drink this in place of your morning coffee! SERVES ONE (360 calories per serving) 4-5 kale leaves 1 medium green apple 1/2 lemon juiced 65 calories coconut yogurt, plain, unsweetened OR coconut kefir, plain 2 tsp flax oil 1 T cashew butter 1-2 cups of… Read More >

mason jar salad orange marmalade
March 12, 2014

With Spring just around the corner, I have begun my obsession again with Mason Jar Salads. I will be adding over 50 new Mason Jar salad recipes to the community site next week. Here is one of my favorites! To make this salad, in the jar, put items in this order: Orange Vinaigrette Mason Jar… Read More >

March 12, 2014

Why do I assess gut health in each and every client that I work with? Because good health begins in the gut. If your gut is healthy and in balance, you whole body will be healthy and in balance. All disease is somehow related to the health of your gut; it is all interconnected –… Read More >

March 3, 2014

Over the past few decades the field of medicine has had a reductionist view of nutrition. Food was only macronutrients and micronutrients: fats, carbs, protein, vitamin and minerals and water and maybe fiber. Why is participating in the Clean & Lean Revolution vital to your health; because food is information. You are born with a… Read More >

June 20, 2014

  Chef Lynne will be joining me in my kitchen to offer the Clean & Lean Revolution membership cooking classes and quick tips for the kitchen. My goal with this series is to teach you QUICK unique taste combinations that make whole foods cooking a breeze. You may know Lynne as a PCC Cooks Instructor,… Read More >

you are now entering a stress free zone
February 25, 2014

You can eat healthy, workout and take your supplements AND you may still not feel well. Why? Because you are not taking the time to slow down, practice pleasure and shift into an active state of rest. I see this in my private practice all the time. Patients who quickly adapt to a healthy eating… Read More >

spinach almond banana green smoothie
February 20, 2014

Green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get a punch of leafy greens in a breakfast meal. Blending greens increases the nutrient availability and the health benefits of eating greens, and here is why: by blending the greens you are greatly increasing the surface area of the green (blending emulsifies the greens) and… Read More >

monk fruit
January 23, 2014

Monk fruit is new on the market (being sold as monk fruit). It has been used for some time in products under its Chinese name “luo han guo” or “luo han fruit.” The makers of Splenda make product called Nectresse – which is supposed to be Monk Fruit, but it isn’t. It is mostly erythritol. This follows… Read More >

chia seed
December 28, 2013

Study shows that chia seed may be helpful in treatment of diabetes and source of essential fatty acids. “Chia diets dramatically decreased triacylglycerol levels and increased HDL cholesterol and x-3 fatty acid contents in rat serum. These findings suggest that a-linolenic–rich chia oil may be an alternative to x-3 sources for vegetarians and people allergic to fish and… Read More >

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